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What Size Should I Get?


Sometimes it is difficult to determine what size of fine art should be purchased, given the desired placement over a particular furniture piece or on a specific blank wall.  Most designers comment that people often select fine art that is too small for the placement wanted.  So bigger is better!

Experts recommend that fine art above furniture should cover about 70-80% of the length, hung with the bottom 6-12 inches above the furniture.  Separation for multiple wall art pieces should be 2-4 inches apart.  A good rule of thumb is to hang wall art on a blank wall is where the midpoint is between 57 and 60 inches from the floor.

If you really love a piece of art that isn't working for your current available space, then consider rearranging a room or whatever you need to do so the art will work for you.

Wall Space to Fill       Quantities and Size Options

3' Table                        (1) - 16x20, 20x24

5' Table/Love-seat     (1) - 24x36   (2) - 16x20, 20x24

8' Sofa                         (2) - 24x36   (3) - 16x20, 2x24

2' Blank Wall               (1) - 16x20

4' Blank Wall               (1) - 20x30, 24x36

7' Blank Wall               (2) - 20x30  (3) - 16x20

Contact Adams Image if you would like a custom sized image not listed.

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