Fine Art Print (DIY Framed Art)

Wall art patrons can order a high quality print on fine art paper from this website and economically purchase a frame, beveled mat and glass from a local craft store and assemble themselves.  Another option is to bring the print to a local framing shop for a custom fine art frame assembly.  Lastly, Adams Image can also provide the custom framing to be delivered directly (please click "contact me" for the last option).

DIY Framed Art Overview

Print Size for Frame Size

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) options include purchasing a fine art print from this website, acquiring a standard frame and beveled mat from a local craft store, followed by DIY mounting of the print, mat, glass and frame for beautiful wall art.  If possible, add UV protected glass to minimize fading over the years.  Avoid mounting fine art prints directly in sunlight.

Pick the print size for the mat opening (with some overlap).

Print Size      Frame/Mat Size      Mat Opening

11x14              16x20 (small)           10.5" x 15.5"       

16x20            20x24 (medium)      15.5" x 19.5"          

20x30           24x36 (large)            19.5" x 29.5"   

Contact Adams Image if you would like Adams Image to assemble the framed fine art product (image and frame assembly) or to have a print size not listed.

Fine Art Print Paper

Over the ages, fine art papers have been developed from cotton, rag and fiber. Common uses for artists using fine art papers were painting, printmaking, drawing, and now fine art photography. Texture plays an important sensory as well as aesthetic factor in choosing a classic fine art paper.

Fine Art Paper Compariosn

Untitled photo

For a very light texture, choose the Moab Entrada Bright Rag paper (see left view of  comparison image).  

This award-winning 100% cotton fine art paper brings vision to print through superb ink handling and sharpness.  Entrada is an archival acid- and lignin-free paper with natural contrast.  The very light texture gives the elegance of fine art.  From one reviewer:  "...with comparing the natural and bright papers in my hands, I vastly prefer the bight version for its crisper whites and slightly wider color gamut."

For a medium texture, choose the Breathing Color Elegance Velvet paper (see right view of comparison image).  

Elegance is a flagship product that is  an archival acid- and lignin-free paper with an expanded color gamut and natural contrast.  From one reviewer:  "LUXURIOUS LOOK & FEEL: Once you've held an Elegance print in your hand, its hard to not be impressed with its ideal weight and soft feel. With Elegance, know that you're maximizing the perceived value of every fine art print. CONSISTENT & RELIABLE: As the "anchor" of fine art reproduction studios worldwide, understand that long-term consistency and reliability is vital."

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