Adams Family Genealogy

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The Quest for our Ancestry

For years, my siblings and I have heard about wild and interesting stories about our historical past.  Some of the legends include that we had Cherokee Indian blood, we had grandfathers named after presidents, and that our relatives were long in tradition in the tobacco industry, working farms in Virginia and North Carolina,

My sister Joni has taken leadership in researching and documenting our family history on the "Adams" side of the family through, and this research has unveiled several surprises.  Joni has also volunteered to complete a DNA test through 23andme, which revealed no connection with Native Americans!  More to come on that at a later date.

Our promise is to reveal the truth without offense.  Our deliverable will be to share with all, and provide copies of documentation to any family member interested in having copies.  

Road Trip Photos to Discuss and Share

Jack Adams in Italy

Jack Adams in Italy


You are free to download these photos.

Joni and I are on a week-long trip to South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia  November 11-15, 2019 to visit relatives we have not seen in several years (some we have not seen in over 40 years)!  We hope to learn about the stories behind all the photos and documents we are collecting. 

Our legacy is to continue the story for our siblings before they all fade from memory.  Please help us in our journey, and add comments to our new blog, provide digital copies of important photos, share stories that will fascinate our future family members. 

Kickoff Blog - What Do You Remember?

This is our kickoff blog to share initial stories from our road trip photos seen above.  What memories do you have of the family?  Please share your stories and name.  We will incorporate in our genealogy story.

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