Preventative Maintenance Roof Inspection

The Challenge

A roof inspection is a preventative maintenance job that can be easily overlooked, since it is challenging with the great heights.  To keep your home at its best, you should complete a once-a-year thorough preventative maintenance roof inspection.  If the roof inspection reveals  problems, you can complete the necessary repair or replacement to keep your roof from leaking into your house and flooding your house perimeter during stormy weather.

10 Point Roof Check

1. Gutters properly attached, no loose nails

2, Disconnected or damaged downspouts

3. Gutters clear of refuse to drain

4. Missing or broken shingles

5. Shingles that are bucking, curling or blistering

6. Cracked caulk or rust spots on flashing

7. Cracked and worn rubber boots around vent caps

8. Damaged or clogged roof fans

9.  Missing or damaged chimney cap

10. Masses of moss and lichen (possible roof decay underneath)

Service Provided

Adams Image will complete an aerial inspection with drone photos and videos to complete the 10 Point Check of the preventative maintenance roof inspection.  Deliverables include a final report from the 10 point checklist, with digital high quality photos and videos for your records.

David Adams is an experienced and FAA licensed Drone Pilot, mechanical engineer, photographer and videographer, and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) that can deliver you a preventative maintenance roof inspection report that you can trust!