Ten Point Multimedia Checkup

1. Is your website setup to have visitors and potential clients go to the correct landing page that targets their interest?

2.  Do you have a call to action on each of your website landing pages?

3. Is your website SEO ready (Search Engine Optimization)?

4. Are all your links on your website active, no dead links?

5. Do you have website analytics to determine how many people visit, what page, any actions taken? 

6. Are your social media links setup to target your potential audience?

7. Do you have analytics to determine if social media leads are working?

8. Do you take advantage of #hashtags and @names to expand your audience on all your social media? 

9. Do you have a social media campaign plan?

10. Is your website the center of your digital marketing strategy, and does it connect to your social media outlets to drive interest, excitement and sales?

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