Work With Me - David Adams Photography

I am an experienced portrait, landscape, travel and event photographer living in Plano, Texas.  I have  recently expanded my capabilities with aerial  photography.  I am a licensed private pilot (since 2005), and certified with the FAA's Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) requirements (Part 107) which allows me to fly my drone commercially. 

If you have any questions about my work or want to talk about working together, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me using the "Contact Me" link above.

Why David Adams Photography?

1. High-end digital photography experience and equipment

2. Can do BOTH land-based and aerial digital photography

3. Post processing expertise  (one stop shop)

4. Can travel and shoot photography throughout the USA on short notice

NOW Providing Aerial Photography

Applications include Real Estate, Vacation and Resort Properties, Wildlife and Nature Conservation, Construction, and Event Photography.

Contact me if you would like to see an example of my aerial photography.

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